War does not determine who is right, but who is left.
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May 25, 2005 by brendangenius
Well, this may not be a good start, for a return - especially when my other posts have been more "Formal", but this is my blog of interest, and Metallica is a BIG part of my life.

Well the great Metallica, may not be releasing there new album until 2006 or even 2007...the band are currently on vacation, and i think the choice to keep information from the public is to add hype and excite the public. Well its working.

I really dont think i can wait that long for a new album. I have the money...
May 25, 2005 by brendangenius
Yes i have been away for a while, but i decided to make a return, on my thoughts and cleverness. That could have been sarcasm but it wasnt, although i have a main blog, i plan to use this too.

What can i say? I love to blog!
February 10, 2005 by brendangenius
Hello 'Codename: ST DP 7', casually called ST DP 7 is to be released soon, and im an Admin

Anyway the point is, its a pretty cool thing to be a part of so here are the links to ST DP 7 project sites and my sites:
ST DP 7Link
ST DP 7 ForumLink

My BlogLink
January 31, 2005 by brendangenius
Under a year, since the Computer giant, Microsoft released the Service Pack 2 for Windows XP; and many problems have been found.

The most recent, for example is "A Russian security firm has published a paper detailing a major security flaw in Microsoft Service Pack Two for Windows XP, over a month after alerting Redmond to the flaw

A Russian security company claims it found a way to beat a security measure in Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2.

The SP2 measure, known as Data Executi...
January 29, 2005 by brendangenius
You can see a lot of pictures, of the face of mars arounf the internet, and many stories to how it became to be.

The Face of mars, is a massive 'sculpture' on the surface of mars, it is visible from Earth with a telescope and forms a very good likeness of a face. It is a 'Clean' sculpture too, meaning that it seems to be smooth; this could be from the decay.

Some people believe that its just a few rocks in a certain formation, creating the likeness of a Face, others believe it is there fo...
January 28, 2005 by brendangenius
Some of my other articles, have been better planned, better written and on more challenging things such as the 'meaning of life', 'life on other planets', 'what happens after death', is god real' etc etc. However a blog is something you can write about what affects you or the world; and this happens to be the common 'Chav'.

What is a chav? well they are the scum of the Earth, normally brought up in poor and sometimes derelict conditions - where low education is provided. They wear 'Burbery', ...
January 26, 2005 by brendangenius
I have notices that children are becoming very hard to control, from a teachers point of view. This is probably caused by the lack of discipline or rules. The system is wrong, and of course the system is easy to break - much like our law system.

Im not saying that the American law system is better though, you murder someone - the police get to murder you back. Plus when you killed someone, it took seconds...when they kill you it takes 9 years. Hald the time they get the wrong people or inocc...
January 25, 2005 by brendangenius
Well I recommend you read: http://brendangenius.joeuser.com/index.asp?AID=62033 (my other article).

Before you try to look for the meaning of life you must first know what life is. So what is life? Life is can be defined as the length of time we are able to physically exist and conciousness takes place. Although this cant be certain as we dont know what happens after death.

So now we know what life is or my theory or opinion of what life is; we can try to see what the meaning of life is. W...
January 24, 2005 by brendangenius
Who am i to say that god is not real. Nut where was god on 9/11? where is god with this tsunami disaster? where was he in World war 2? World war 1? Everything that has happened in the last 2000 years, no sign of him, no miracles, just a book with no evidence for actual existance.

What is god? God is just hope, what people believe or hope is real, when actually theres nothing there. Where was god in the disasters? Ive asked someone before, and all I got was; "God was there, and he was helping ...
January 23, 2005 by brendangenius
Some of you may have noticed that my last two articles where pretty 'Deep' and 'Philisophical'. But this is based on pure fact.

The Mayans, who where before Ancient Egypt Civilisation existed, created a 'Map' or 'Chart', or however you wish to see it. This 'Map' mapped out out the beginining to the End of the world, and has also predicted correct things, for example; World war 2 was predicted by the Mayans, also a many number of things have been predicted.

But for some reason the 'Map' en...
January 22, 2005 by brendangenius
What happens when we die? The stupid or common answer is "nothing, your just dead". That answer annoys me all the time. You cannot be nothing. People find this concept very hard to grasp and about 90% of people i talk to about this doesnt understand me.

So 'Life' - your living it right now, how does it feel? - im going to ask you to think 'Deep' with me, dont think of the logics, but think almost sub conciously. 'Life' - you can feel it right now, not physically but mentaslly, you know that y...
January 21, 2005 by brendangenius
How big is the place we call 'Space'? How may planets are there? What first triggered life? What is the meaning of life? Who was the first two people on Earth, and how did they become?

We are swarmed with questions, and we as humans spend our lifes trying to find answers to things we dont know, that is the human nature.

People say that 'Space' is infinate, many people will and have rejected that idea, but to them i ask - 'How big is it, then?' - you will find in ALL cases that they have n...
January 20, 2005 by brendangenius
None of you will be able to remember the collapse or 'near to callapsing' economy of America in the start of the 20th Century, but it happened, and it was pretty bad. But now that could also happen to the UK.

This possibly wont actually happen, but I am trying to put into perspective of what the possible outcome for Britian (maily England) in the next 20 years or so. Maggie Thatcher, didnt help when she brought in the 'Poll tax', designed to make the rich, even richer and the poor, even poore...
January 20, 2005 by brendangenius
Although the site is up, its not ready for the public yet. I and my friend James, Decided to create the new website, and seems to be going quite well at the moment, the site is based on art and design. We have skinning and games on there, but its not the focal point.

But enough about that, my name is Brendan Clarke, i live in the UK, and work as a cartoonist. My Nickanme, online is known as 'Brendangenius' - why? I dont know it just happened, not one of my most licked nicknames, but hey - th...
August 9, 2004 by brendangenius
Well you have to make your own mind, however no matter what OS you use...you expect to find problems.
No matter what game or program or OS, there are problems...some of them minor, and cant notice some them major...and can distrupt a lot of things.
Example, Windows XP has loads of problems before you install The SP pack 1. They can include freezes, non responding programs to happen frequently and of course the good old crappy fire wall...which protects you from -nothin-?
Without SP1 Windows X...